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gradle-plugin 0.0.13

  • The Gradle plugins are now fully cacheable, even when using a remote cache.


  • Fixed a race condition where sometimes API 24 emulators wouldn’t start properly
  • Added to our outbound IPs


  • Emulators are now always in the UTC timezone
  • Fixed an issue where emulator clocks were sometimes off by months, failing tests relying on SSL cert validity periods


Launched web app to help you with:

  • inviting more users to your organization
  • managing the access levels organization members have
  • creating and rotating API tokens and see their usage
  • tracking your usage over time
  • configuring details like credit-card billing


gradle-plugin 0.0.12

  • The Gradle plugin now picks up isolated Android test ( subprojects. When using these make sure the targetProjectPath is configured in the android {} block.


ew-cli 0.0.48

  • ew-cli now supports capturing a video recording of the test - pass both --record-video and --outputs-dir, a recording.mp4 file will be saved per device-job combination


  • All network traffic from emulators now originates from these IP addresses:


    See the documentation for further details and machine-readable endpoints for getting these.



  • Added API 24 emulators

    Complete list of new combinations added:

    • device=Pixel2,version=24
    • device=Tablet10,version=24
    • device=NexusLowRes,version=24
  • Fixed rendering of result links in GitHub Action logs by switching token format


  • Added APK and input file caching to tests - ew-cli will skip uploading files if they have been recently added, enabled by default for 1h. Use --no-file-cache to disable and --file-cache-ttl <duration> to control the behaviour.
  • Added new --prepare flag that only uploads files to populate cache but doesn’t trigger any tests.


  • Fixed use of androidx test services to capture screenshots


  • Fixed tests crashing with more complex environment variables due to improper escaping


  • Added support for running library tests without an app apk. Use the --library-test parameter instead of --app and --test to test library modules.


  • Added Android Automated Test Device (ATD) images with API 31. Read more about ATD images here.

    Complete list of new combinations added:

    • device=Pixel2Atd,version=31
    • device=Tablet10Atd,version=31
    • device=NexusLowResAtd,version=31


ew-cli 0.0.44

  • Fixed: ew-cli no longer prints errors with Zulu 11 JDK


  • Fixed: timed out tests now emit full logcat, pulled dirs, coverage data and an (incomplete) JUnit test report
  • Fixed: tests running for longer than 1 hour failed with a 404 error
  • Fixed: shards are now always ordered by index in results web link


ew-cli 0.0.43

  • timeout status is now printed properly
  • the results link is now included in the JSON output under the resultsUrl field
  • fixed printing out failing shard combinations


ew-cli 0.0.42

  • Added results link at the end of the run, enabling to view logcat and failing tests in a web browser.


ew-cli 0.0.41

  • Added support for pushing additional files into the /sdcard or /data/local/tmp directory using --other-files.


  • Added support for specifying test targets manually via --test-targets-for-shard. Especially useful if you have your own in-house scripts for sharding.


ew-cli 0.0.39

  • Improved --help output of ew-cli
  • Added support for reading command-line arguments from YAML files. Read more here.


ew-cli 0.0.38

  • Added support for --timeout <duration> parameter to cancel test execution when it takes too long. Defaults to 15m (15 minutes).


  • Fixed ew-cli sometimes getting stuck if the test failed immediately, e.g. when using an unsupported model


  • Fixed test coverage not working on version=29 emulators
  • Fixed long-running tests (1+ hr) getting stuck completely


  • Added two new device models: Tablet10, Tablet10Atd representing 10" tablets with landscape orientation and a resolution of 1920x1200.

    Complete list of new combinations added:

    • device=Tablet10,version=23
    • device=Tablet10,version=27
    • device=Tablet10,version=29
    • device=Tablet10,version=30
    • device=Tablet10,version=31
    • device=Tablet10Atd,version=30


ew-cli 0.0.36

  • Added --test-targets for fine-grained control over what tests to run
  • ew-cli now validates app and test apk files before starting the test


  • The ew-cli binary files are now signed with GPG


  • Added --models command to ew-cli list all available emulator models
  • Changed how Automated Test Devices are represented, instead of a separate atd=true flag, use the *Atd suffix instead, e.g. change from model=Pixel2,atd=true to model=Pixel2Atd.

Note: ATD models are still only available for version=30 emulators


  • Added --json output flag to ew-cli to get machine readable output


  • Fixed collecting test coverage data from a variety of API versions


  • Improved emulator stability a bit


  • Fixed an issue where ew-cli failed to start on JDK8


  • webpage has finally been blessed with an official logo


  • now supports version=31 device configurations.

    Complete list of new combinations added:

    • device=Pixel2,version=31
    • device=NexusLowRes,version=31


  • Gradle plugin is now available from Maven Central, there’s no need to configure a custom repository any more. Read more about the Gradle plugin here.


  • now supports version=29 device configurations.

    Complete list of new combinations added:

    • device=Pixel2,version=29
    • device=NexusLowRes,version=29


gradle-plugin 0.0.7

There’s now a Gradle plugin that wraps ew-cli. Read more here.

ew-cli 0.0.25

  • ew-cli now exits with a non-zero exitcode when started with unknown input arguments. Thanks to @ubiratansoares for reporting the issue.

run-tests v0.0.4

Fixed two issues with the emulator-wtf/run-tests@v0 GitHub action:

  • v0.0.3 always crashed due to a misplaced line
  • clear-package-data value was not sent to ew-cli correctly, silently skipping all tests

Thanks to @ubiratansoares for noticing and sending in PRs for these issues!


ew-cli 0.0.24 released

  • Added --num-shards command line flag for sharding. It acts similar to --num-uniform-shards but instead of assigning shards randomly it spreads the tests evenly between shards by test count so that every shard has roughly the same number of tests.


  • There’s now an official GitHub action to run tests with Read more here.


  • now supports version=30 device configurations and the new ATD (Automated Test Device) images. These images are specifically optimized for running automated tests by disabling some system apps and background services. Read more about ATD images here.

    Complete list of new combinations added:

    • device=Pixel2,version=30,atd=true
    • device=Pixel2,version=30
    • device=NexusLowRes,version=30,atd=true
    • device=NexusLowRes,version=30


  • Fixed tests in junit XML report having zero times


  • Fixed gathering coverage from apps that don’t have external storage permissions
  • Added version=27 and version=23 variants of NexusLowRes and Pixel2, respectively