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Billing has minute-precision billing, invoiced on a monthly basis. Here’s a few examples how the total cost of a test is calculated.

Test duration calculation

Only the actual test runtime is measured with the purpose of billing. Test preparation or teardown, including but not limited to uploading APKs, starting devices, pushing files or APKs to the device, pulling files after the test has finished or tearing down the device are not billed.

The test duration is measured at a minute precision and always rounded up (ceil) to the next minute. If a test takes exactly a whole number of minutes then it is still rounded up. A few examples:

  • A test taking 165.813 seconds is billed as 3 minutes
  • A very fast test taking 1.169 seconds is billed as 1 minute
  • A test taking exactly 240.000 seconds is billed as 5 minutes

Multiple devices and/or shards

Every device-shard combination is rounded up separately. For example, a test having two shards and two device models (4 separate emulators in total) and running for 150 seconds on each emulator will be billed according to 3 * 4 - 12 minutes in total.

Billing cycle

Our current billing cycle is one calendar month. At the end of the billing cycle, or minutes consumed are added up, divided by 60, multiplied by your hourly price and then rounded up to the nearest cent precision.

For example, if you consumed 95 test minutes in June and have an hourly price of $2 per emulatorhr then the number on the final invoice at the end of the billing cycle will be 95 / 60 * 2 rounded to the cent precision, $3.17.