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Data Use

Here’s an overview of the data we store and for how long. does not have access to your source code, we only use compiled (but possibly unobfuscated) APKs, regardless of the integration method used, whether it’s GitHub actions, Gradle or the command-line ew-cli app.

Test inputs

  • Test files (app and test APKs, additional APKs, other files) are stored up to one hour by default and encrypted at rest. If you want to cache them for longer, use the --file-cache-ttl argument. You can also disable file caching completely by using --no-file-cache, in this case APKs are deleted immediately. All test files are encrypted at rest..
  • Test arguments (sharding specification, whether coverage was used, test targets, etc). Are kept for at least 180 days for debugging purposes.

Test results

All test results, including but not limited to JUnit XML results, logcat output, output file data and coverage data are stored for at least 180 days. All result files are encrypted at rest.