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Which integration to use?

We currently have a GitHub action, a Gradle plugin and finally a command-line tool for providing most flexibility.

If you’re evaluating we recommend starting with the CLI command on your local machine at first. Once everything is running locally you can decide which integration to use, here’s a few good suggestions from what we’ve observed with our current customers:

  • use the GitHub action if you have a simple setup consisting only of one app APK and one test APK
  • the Gradle plugin shines the most for large multi-module builds, where you get module-level parallelization and task cache from Gradle for free
  • the CLI command, especially together with the --json flag is great for cases where you have some additional test orchestration scripts or logic. It’s also great when you’re migrating from Firebase Test Lab’s gcloud command.

Missing an integration?

Missing an Integration? Let us know! We want to expand the available integrations and we’re taking requests :) Email us at